I am a Florida native, growing up in the Orlando area.  In 1992, I decided to make a change from Real Estate to Motorcycles.  I had always been passionate about motorcycles and dreamt of opening my own after market retail store.  After lots of planning, research and discussions with Harley Davidson, I learned that I could not sell most of the popular Harley items such as t-shirts.  Well, that shot that idea!   I had formed a professional relationship Pat Farmer over the years trading my sport bikes in to him.  I never quite put it together until 1990 when I bought a new Harley Davidson Heritage from him.  I was in the dealership one day talking to Dick Farmer and he was telling me that Harley Davidson was coming up with a plan for dealers to open small retail stores in local tourist areas.  I said “hang on a second,” walked out to my car and grabbed my briefcase, came back in, pulled out a stack of research on the store and potential locations and said “is this what your talking about?”  He said “where did you get all this?”  I told him of my plans and he said “maybe we can work something out.”  So, that started my career with Dick Farmers Harley Davidson.  About two years later, we opened the retail store on International Drive and then in 2007, we opened Dick Farmers of Osceola County in Kissimmee, Florida.

John Malik Jr. and I had always worked together on dealer trades and when I could not get a bike for a customer, I would send them to John.  When Dick Farmer sold the business in 2000, John Sr. and John Jr. expressed interest in opening a new store in Clermont Florida.  After several meetings with John Sr., Arlene and John Jr., a new relationship formed between the Malik family and myself.  Stormy Hills Harley Davidson was born!

In 2011, it was time for a break.  I took some time off to help friends with other businesses and to work on a long “honey-do” list.  After three years, I just could not get the Harley business out of my system so I returned.  I was offered a position on the sales team back at Stormy Hills.

In 2015, an opportunity to move to Daytona Beach Shores presented itself.  My wife and I made the move and I decided to revisit my real estate past and focus on real estate full time.  If you are in the area, please stop by and we can talk about Harley’s and Homes.  I would love to assist you in finding your dream home, vacation home or investment property.

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